Statement of Ethical Principles

Former Assistant Surgeon General

Dr. Marilyn Gaston

The JWest Prostate Cancer Foundation promote the highest standards of ethical behavior. In recognition of the importance of transparency toward the public good and those we service, we adopt these ethical principles.

Stewardship: We manage these resources to maximize

The JWest Foundation purposes, not private gain; and actively avoid excessive compensation and unreasonable or unnecessary expenses. We pursue maximum benefit through our work, how we work, and by supporting the works of partners, colleagues, and grantees.


Accountability and Transparency: In carrying out the J West Prostate Cancer Foundation activities ,we embrace both the letter and the spirit of the law. We welcome public interest, take responsibility for our actions and communicate truthfully.


Diversity and Inclusiveness:  We seek diversity and inclusiveness in order to reflect the communities we serve and to ensure that a range of perspectives contributes to the common good and development of our mission in a changing society.


Governance: We understand and embrace their responsibility to oversee the mission, strategic direction, finances, and operations of our Foundation, and do so honestly and with integrity. We establish clear and understandable policies and ensure that they are followed.

- James W.  West, Founder

the late James W. West


Meet Our Enables

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