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"God has blessed me to see another day and I am truly grateful."

My experience with Prostate Cancer is not what I want for you. I wished, at the time I was diagnosed, that I had someone to guide me through the maze of treatments. It was then that I made a determination to become that Guide, with that was born the (JWPCF) Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation.

I want to say to those diagnosed men and families, you do not have to go through this agony alone. There is much information to be shared by the Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation.

We stand ready to be of assistance.

Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer

* You may experience frequent urination (especially at night)

* You may have difficulty passing urine

* You may be unable to hold back urine or be unable to urinate

* You may have a weak or interrupted flow of urine.

* You may feel like your bladder is still full even when you have just passed urine

* There may be blood in your urine or in your semen.

* You may get pain or a burning sensation when you are urinating

* You may experience pain when you ejaculate

* You may be having pain in your back, hip or pelvic area.This could be a sign that cancer has spread from the prostate to nearby lymph nodes, tissue or bones.

Jim West Prostate Cancer Foundation, Inc.

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It's that time again, our 6th Annual race is almost here. It will be our second year of the 8K race as the first 8K was such a success. The map is displayed below, it will be the same course as last year.

The Race will be held on Saurday 2nd January 2016, it starts at 8:00am, There will be a health fair until 2:00pm the same day, at the Casino.

You can register by clicking here.

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Please donate to the Jim West Prostate Foundation. Money's are used provide free PSA screenings as well as education and support groups. The board operates as a volunteer board, 100% of our finds are used for screenings and education.